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 Rho Phi Chapter History



Rho Phi Chapter of the Omega Psi Phi Fraternity was charted on Oct. 1, 1927 under the leadership of the 12th Grand Basileus Julius S. McClain
Rho Phi was organized due to the efforts of several brothers that had recently graduated from college and settled in around the New Orleans area. These early Omega men had the vision of uplifting not only themselves but also the New Orleans Community at large. These early pioneers went on to establish themselves as cornerstones of the educational system, medical community and leaders of the civil rights movement held in New Orleans.
Rho Phi Chapter has flourished over a period of 83 years and has been a potent and well-regarded force in the activities of the National Fraternity as well as the Ninth District. Rho Phi chapter has given birth to several chapters in and around the New Orleans area. Members of Rho Phi Chapter have held leadership roles as district officers such as Committee Chairman and other offices including past District Representative as well as the current District Counselor. On the National level, past members of Rho Phi Chapter have served in the highest level attainable that being Grand Basileus of our illustrious fraternity.
In 1969, Rho Phi Chapter was proud to become the 1st Black Greek organization of New Orleans to purchase a Fraternity House.
Rho Phi continues to be a viable organization through it’s continued support of Nationally Mandated Programs of the fraternity as well as through it’s adoption of Boy Scout Troop 131 serving as Troup Leaders as well as financial support, feeding underprivileged families during Thanksgiving, providing free annual Prostate Cancer Screening, tutoring elementary school students and visiting sick children confined to the hospital during Easter.

Rho Phi Chapter has as been represented by outstanding men. The following Brothers have served the chapter as Basileus:

 Joseph W. Davis   1948 - 1949
 Cecil W. Carter Sr  1949 - 1953
 Robert B. Alexander   1954 - 1956
 Doved L. Coleman Sr  1957 - 1959
 Peter G. Saunders  1959 - 1961
 Marshall Grady    1961 - 1962
 William W. Sutton   1962 - 1963
 Joseph W. Davis   1964 - 1965 
 Harold J. Williams  1966 - 1968
 August J James Sr  1969 - 1971
 Henry M. Williams    1971 - 1972
 Terrence Duvernay  1972 - 1974
 Marshall Grady    1975 - 1976
 Henry Ellioe   1977 - 1978
 Warren Green  1979 - 1980
 Ronald L. Butler    1981 - 1982 
 Lee A. Bernard  1982 - 1982
 Michael M. Wingate                                      1982 - 1983
 Henry M. Williams  1984 - 1985
 Bobby Burkes  1986 - 1988
 Albert Benifield    1988 - 1991
 Bill Davis  1991 - 1992
 Anthony Favre  1992 - 1994
 Walter Martin  1995 - 1996
 Joseph M. Hicks  1996 - 1999
 Terrence Augillard  2000 - 2001
 Donald Davis   2001 - 2002
 Benedict Willard  2003 - 2004
 Joseph W. Davis  2005 - 2008
 Marion Floyd  2009 - 2010
 Ross M. Johnson Jr  2011 - 2012



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